While we all recognize creativity in fine art, I believe that logic and problem solving are also creative endeavours. I am particularly passionate about combining these elements in my designs, and I have been learning how to apply them in different media and categories during my time at the Visual College of Art & Design, Vancouver.

My past experiences in libraries have taught me how to research, how to ask the right questions, and to value information and life-long learning. My time as a licensed real estate agent, property and strata manager has provided me with lessons in time management, public relations, client management and communication.

I have an extensive history in web development, beginning when I first learned HTML in the mid-1990's. I am comfortable working with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and several other programming languages. I am proficient with programs in Adobe Creative Cloud, including previous versions of the Creative Suite. I am comfortable on multiple computing platforms, have used various office suites, and I have limited experience programming databases.

I'd love an opportunity to talk with you about how to put these skills to work to help solve your design problems. Why don't you contact me today?