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My partner is a proud ironworker. However, living in a rural community with little demand for ironworkers, this means when he takes on work, he's living in camp out of town for weeks at a time. So, for the last few years, he's been the primary caregiver while I was fortunate enough to have full-time employment that covered our bills as a family of six. Was, being the operative word in that sentence. 

Earlier this year, my role was eliminated in part of a "reduction in force". The layoff, and my subsequent unemployment, gave us an opportunity to examine our current situation and determine what we wanted in our lives. My partner had been the primary caregiver for nearly 5 years, now. This is the longsest stretch either one of us has had so far, as we've traded the role depending on whose skills were in higher demand at any point in time.

It was time for him to go back to the work that he loves and thrives at, before age or injury makes it impossible for him to manage the physical labour. 

I'm excited that this will allow me to dig a little deeper into the realm of freelancing, as I balance the primary caregiver role with keeping my skills sharp. To celebrate, I'm adding new freelance services.


Image of a turquoise and orange sea turtle in cartoon style holding up a sign that reads "for hire".

 Starting August 14, 2023, the following services will be available to clients:

  • 5-Point Website Audit: Primarily geared for ecommerce websites, with a specialty in Shopify-hosted websites, I'll assess your website to  look for opportunities to improve or update.
    Flat rate.

  • Basic Web Design: I am comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and familiar with PHP (such as WordPress), Liquid (Shopify), and ReactNative. I'm resourceful enough to work out other programming languages, as needed. I can make basic adjustments to existing sites or build static brochure sites. 
    Quote or hourly rate.

  • Ecommerce Website Setup: While I'm most familiar with Shopify, I've also worked with Squarespace, Wordpress, and other ecommerce website providers so I can assist you with building your online store on most platforms. 
    Quote or hourly rate.

  • Product Photography Editing: I'll edit your product images to ensure consistent lighting and sizing, optimized for the web and for your online website. 
    Quote or hourly rate.

  • Product Photography: I'll photograph your products and edit the images to suite your purposes. 
    Quote or hourly rate

  • Social Media Graphics: I'll put together social media graphics for your business, following your brand or style guide and specifications. 
    Quote or hourly rate.


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