Repurposed transit fare cards, as deck of cards; illustrated box in background.
Simplified bus illustration for play card suit.
Simplified SkyTrain illustration for playing card suit.
Simplified Sea Bus illustration for playing card suit.
Simplified illustration of WestCoast Express train for playing card suit.
Layout of several cards of the SkyTrain suit.

With the launch of the Compass Card program, Translink has discontinued the Faresaver ticket books that frequent transit users could use to travel at discounted rates. A collection of used Faresaver tickets has been converted into a deck of cards, creating a memento or souvenir out of what would otherwise be trash.

The challenge was in creating simple illustrations that would overprint the text already on the tickets, as well as creating recognizable face cards. And of course, every deck of playing cards needs a box to keep cards from getting lost.

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